MFA Thesis: The future of
automotive EXPERIENCE



Density is Destiny is a body of work exploring how increasing the density of passengers per vehicle could not only alleviate systemic issues like traffic, but also enable new community spaces to flourish inside driverless, shared vehicles of the near future.

The following projects seek to encourage rider density through a variety of design lenses, including: services, apps, products, and physical experiences. Each address the core question of my thesis: how might we encourage rider density in shared AVs while creating new opportunities for positive social interaction?



Mobility lab

A co-creation workshop enabling passengers to reconfigure shared autonomous vehicles to suit specific scenarios.



A sensory pop-up experience allowing participants to alter in-car experiences by tailoring inputs from the 5 senses.



An autonomous ridesharing service for schoolchildren in cities.


An IoT device designed to encourage safe scooter & biking habits by dynamically adjusting insurance rates according to user behavior.



An autonomous luggage robot designed to streamline the first and last-mile of a transit experience.