Doubt+less is an encouragement app designed to diminish a person's self-doubt. It works by reframing the perception of failure through a series of guided prompts, rewards, and feedback. It's built for those struggling with self-doubt around particular, measurable challenges.

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Doubt+less is based on the idea that self esteem comes from within. The app shines a light on what is positive about an individual, and reinforces the concept that success can be gained throughout a journey, not just at the end. 


Instead of categorizing every failed attempt at a challenge as a failure, the app prompts you to to update your progress in specific challenges by measuring value-added inputs like lessons learned, strategies devised, and persistence gained. These inputs appear as badges: symbols of pride and markers of progress along an undetermined path toward achieving your end goal.

To remind users of incremental progress they've made toward their end goals, the Badges category appears as soon as the app is opened.

In order to boost self-confidence in a grounded way, the app lists the user's talents and skills in a category called Superpowers.

Users can overview their Challenges, specific, measurable goals they've set out for themselves and are working at achieving.

Finally, a collection of past achieved goals are proudly displayed in Trophies, and are ready to share with friends.


To create my solution, I followed the process of Deconstruction, devised by the design strategist Ayse Birsel. In doing this, I first disassembled the problem: How might I live a life more full of adventure?

I then sought a new point of view around this problem by constructing a mind map to identify the root of my problem, which I discovered to be the spectre of self-doubt.

From there, I reconstructed, envisioning a new reality where this hinderance of self-doubt no longer burdened me from living a life of adventure. 

Finally, I gave it form. To do this, I built on a discovery in my mind mapping phase that reavealed to me that doubt is often a reaction to failure. In response, I built an app that sought to diminsh the doubt brought on by failure by reframing failure itself into something positive–a lesson learned.



After conducting research and consulting with a psychotherapist, I mapped out my ideas.

 I prototyped the updated UI on paper to fine-tune the details.

I prototyped the updated UI on paper to fine-tune the details.