Doubt+Less is a mindfulness app designed to improve one’s sense of self-competency. It works by guiding users through a series of prompts, reward systems, and feedback, reframing doubt into a more constructive learning experience.

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Context: School of Visual Arts, Deconstruction/Reconstruction course, semester project


Doubt+less is based on the psychological principal of self-competency, or one’s percieved ability to succeed in a subject area, developed by psychologist Dr. Susan Harter of the University of Denver. The app is designed to reduce doubt by helping users to focus on positive traits about themselves, reframing one’s sense of defeat after failure, and reinforcing the idea that success is gained throughout a journey, not just at the end. 


Using a process called Deconstruction, I set out to design an app to help me live a life I would love. To do this, I decided I would build a product to diminish my greatest personal barrier: self-doubt.


My research around the concept of doubt led me to the work of psychologist Dr. Susan Harter on self-competency. I also interviewed therapist Patricia Winderweedle, who gave me useful insight on habit forming & behavior change.

Readings & Expert Interviews

Design & Production

I went through a series of design methods, increasing the level of fidelity after each iteration and round of user & expert feedback.

Theme Sketches

Paper Wireframes

Digital Mockups

Mind Map


Final Screens