BlocParty is a blockchain-powered investment app allowing fractional ownership of physical assets. It uses smart contracts to trade shares and usage rights of things like real estate, vintage cars, and other high-value property on a secure, decentralized network.

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Team: André Orta, Kaan Yilmaz
My Contribution: Design Lead: research, concepting, prototyping, project management, UX, UI
Context: Normative Inc., summer internship


BlocParty utilizes the security, automation, and privacy of the Ethereum blockchain to revolutionize the shared economy. The app brings fractional investing to hard assets by allowing investors to buy shares of things like real estate and artwork the same way they would stocks and bonds. This both creates new forms of liquidity for long-time investors, and opens up new investment opportunities for new investors.

In addition to its use as an investment tool, BlocParty allows users to share ownership of their physical assets in a practical sense, like sharing the use of a car between multiple owners. This is facilitated automatically through the use of Smart Contracts, a secure feature unique to Ethereum.

Our brief asked us to explore the potential applications of blockchain technology to the field of inventory management. We were then given 8 weeks to design and deliver “looks like” and “ works like” prototypes. I led the design aspects below with assistance from my partner Kaan, who led the back end software development.

Phase I: Discovery

Our Discovery phase consisted of conducting stakeholder interviews and sourcing quantitative research around our topic. I then produced a series of systems maps to help us understand the space we would be intervening in.

Stakeholder Interviews

Systems Mapping

Phase II: Concepting

Having discovered the main pain points in the inventory management space, we ideated on several potential solutions based on our earlier research. To help define which concept might be most useful, I drew out various diagrams to help define ideas, use cases, and competition.

Concept Definition



Phase III: Production

Having narrowed our concept into a clear product idea, I iterated on various UI and UX mockups while my partner built the background code.

Wireframing & UI


Key Learnings